Hypno-Yoga For Birth

Learn amazing breathing, yoga and hypnosis techniques to encourage a positive birth experience

Are you feeling anxious and nervous or even terrified about giving birth and not sure how you will cope?

You are not alone! 

Many women are socially conditioned to be fearful about giving birth, which is no surprise, with all the horror stories they hear, and given how often birth is negatively  portrayed in the media.

But it does not have to be like this! 

Do you want to learn some incredibly effective practical tools and techniques to help you change your mindset, build your confidence,  stay calm and in control, and encourage a positive birthing experience?  

This course can definitely help with all of this!  

This very practical course combines the calming and hypnotic breath and movement of yoga with deeply relaxing hypnobirthing techniques

It will give  you a toolkit full of tips and techniques to take with you into birth, to help you cope and stay in control, so you feel empowered to birth your baby with calm confidence. 

Note - This is not a standard hypnobirthing course!

By incorporating the breath and movement of yoga with the hypnobirthing, both become even more powerful and effective when practiced together.

Having shared these techniques with thousands of women just like you, over the past fifteen years, I have total confidence in their effectiveness and how they can help you too! 

Check out the inspiring testimonials below, to see just how helpful and effective it can be.

Women will often be very nervous and anxious to begin with, but by practicing the techniques and understanding the knowledge that I am sharing with you in this course, they are able to build their confidence, self belief and become well prepared to cope with the rigours of birth. 

The calmer you can be during birth, the more likely your birth will be straightforward and natural. Birth however, can be unpredictable, so even if things do get more complicated, these techniques will help you stay calm and cope, with whatever birth has in store.

 They can make all the difference, to whether you perceive your birth as a positive experience or not. This is so important, as when women have a positive birth experience, they are much less likely to develop postnatal depression. 

Being relaxed and stress free during your pregnancy, is also vitally important to the wellbeing of you and your baby. There is a direct link between stress levels and premature birth.  The techniques you learn in this course will directly impact on your ability to create a wonderful sense of inner calm for the both of you!

  It has been wonderful being able to support so many women through this amazing process over the  years, and I would love to be able to use my knowledge and experience to support you too.

Watch Intro Video

Hypno-Yoga For Birth

Amazing techniques to encourage a positive birth experience

What you will receive...

This course is largely made up of videos, edited from live online zoom sessions that I gave to my students during lockdown. It is supported by audio recordings of the breathing, affirmations and hypnosis sessions and a 30 page e-book.

  • 4.5 hours of instructional and practical videos

  • 5 audio recordings

  • 3 yoga practices

  • Includes a birth rehearsal where we work through the process of birth looking at how you can be breathing and moving during each different stage

What you will learn...

Even for the same woman, every birth is different! You won't know what you will need until you are in it, which is why it is so helpful to have a whole range of tools and techniques to draw on.

  • Essential breathing techniques to help you cope during labour

  • Amazing yypnobirthing and relaxation techniques

  • Movements for optimal foetal positioning

  • How to Use Positive Birth Affirmations

  • Movements & positions for labour and birth

  • Pelvic floor awareness

  • How to use sound in labour

  • Using a birthing ball in pregnancy & labour

  • How to create your perfect birthing environment

  • Alleviate common fears and develop self belief and empowerment

Hypno-Yoga For Birth

"This was the best preparation for birth I could of had" Larissa

Course curriculum

Take a look to see what is included in this course

  • 2

    Part One - Introduction to the Breath, Yoga & Hypnobirthing

  • 3

    Part Two - Lots of Tools for your Toolkit

    • Overview of Part Two

    • Breathing Review

    • Using Sound In Labour

    • Using a Birthing Ball in Labour

    • The Pelvic Floor

    • Alleviating Common Fears

    • Hypnosis Session - Learn Self-hypnosis

    • Yoga Practice - Focusing on the optimal fetal positioning of your baby.

    • FAQS

  • 4

    Part Three - Birth Rehearsal

  • 5

    Resources - Find Your Downloads Here

    • Hypno-Yoga for Birth - ebook

    • Positive Affirmations for Pregnancy & Birth

    • Positive Affirmations for Birth - with music

    • Positive Affirmations for Birth - no music

    • Breathing for Pregnancy & Birth - with music

    • Breathing for Pregnancy & Birth - no music

    • Place of Relaxation Hypnosis (Part 1)

    • Self Hypnosis Recording (Part 2)

    • Birth Rehearsal Relaxation (Part 3)

    • BONUS - Recording of a full length live yoga class


Added extras to enhance your experience and support your learning

  • 30 page e-book

    Downloadable e-book which supports all of the information covered in the course and supports your learning. Value £10

  • Downloadable Audio Files

    There are downloadable audio versions of all of the hypnosis sessions, the positive affirmations and breathing practices covered in the videos to make it easier for you to get in lots of practice. Value £25

  • Bonus Full Length Yoga Class

    I have included a bonus video recording of one of my full length live yoga classes, so you can get an experience of a complete pregnancy yoga practice which incorporates many of the elements of the course. Value £10

What are you waiting for?

You can receive all of this for only £39.99

Having shared this information with thousands of women through my face to face classes and workshops over the past 15 years, I feel confident that you too will benefit and find the information and techniques I share in the course invaluable. However, if you are not satisfied I offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days.

What my students say!


"I would heartily recommend Jennie's s Hypno-yoga for Birth course, as well as her pregnancy yoga classes. She has a very structured and clear approach to providing tools and techniques to help you prepare for the labour and birth of your baby. I fould the sessions informative, supportive and frankly empowering. It certainly made me more confident about the birth and i used many of the techniques in labour"


" I highly recommend Jen to anyone pregnant right now, she played a big and vital part in our birth story. The yoga kept me flexible, active, relaxed & sane through the tiring lockdown weeks and the hypnobirthing kept me calm, confident, assertive, strong, empowered, knowledgable and in control through labour & birth. I had my head phones on during contractions and honestly it was like I had Jen with me in the birth room. I pretty much did all the recommended positions, breathing and stimulating the senses to get through the contractions.


"Thanks so much for your amazing Hypnobirthing course and pregnancy yoga . My labour was wonderful! I feel like I had complete control, I stayed on my feet throughout which I'm certain really helped with my speedy progression and after just over three hours ‘he flew out’ literally!!! My poor midwife barely had chance to get gloves out".


"I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the tools both Pregnancy yoga and the Hypnobirthing course gave me. In the end I relied heavily on breathing skills, which enabled me to have a natural and incredible birthing experience".


I attended Jennie's pregnancy yoga classes and hypno-yoga for Birth course for all 3 of my pregnancies. The skills I learnt equipped me with the techniques needed for 3 wonderful labour experiences- all without pain relief or fear, and instead experiences filled with calm, excitement and reassured control. I am so grateful to Jennie and highly recommend her classes and hypno-birthing techniques".


"I can honestly say it's made a big impact! The techniques Jen taught on her Hypno-yoga course were the one thing I drew on that helped me to have a quick, easy & very positive birth".


"Everything I learn't in your classes helped so much, especially being able to keep the connection between my breath and movements through each contraction. I kept control and naturally went into some of the positions / movements that we did in class. It was the best preparation I could have had!! Thank you!!!"


"I had an amazing labour experience, in the birth centre with just gas and air towards the end and no intervention was needed. Thank you for all your help and support. The breathing techniques and positions really helped keep me focused and positive and the midwifes were very impressed as a first time birth. My placenta did get stuck and after 4 failed attempts the Dr. came to take me to theatre and do an epidural but the midwife told her I’d done so well with pain relief/ breathing she thought i'd manage on just gas and air and I did - again hypnobirthing definitely helped keep me calm and positive!"⁠


Our baby boy Nate was born a little earlier than expected at 36+4. We had an elective section booked for 37 weeks so I was a little unprepared to go into labour naturally! I am so thankful I had been attending pregnancy yoga and done your hypnobirthing workshop, the breathing techniques as well as positions helped me so much through the labour and it also ensured I stayed focused when it came to getting him out safely. I am so thankful for your classes and can’t wait to try mum/baby yoga once I’ve recovered."⁠ ⁠


I just wanted to let you know our little baby arrived 9 days overdue bless him, obviously very comfy but it has been magical meeting him and also I had such a positive birth experience. It was very long as pre-labour was quite painful and two days (and nights!) and I ended up being induced and having an epidural but the whole way through I was breathing, listening to affirmations, being mobile, using your positions and bonding with Mitch, it really was a very special time. So thank you for equipping me with all the skills to take control and be calm and positive and for the yoga moves and breathing - I was complimented on my breathing loads come to think of it!!⁠ I’m one proud mama!!!!"⁠


  • I have never done yoga before, is this course suitable for me?

    Yes, absolutely, no previous yoga experience is required. The yoga is just part of the course and pregnancy yoga is very modified to specifically address the needs of the pregnant body. Flexibility is definitely not a requirement! I understand that women will often feel nervous if they haven’t done yoga before, but you will soon see there is really nothing to be worried about! Actually the yoga will make you feel really good – both calm and energised at the same time!

  • What equipment do I need for this hypno-yoga course

    For the hypnosis sessions you may need a blanket, 2 pillows or 1 pillow/cushion & 1 maternity pillow (the aim is to be really comfortable during the hypnosis and relaxation sessions so whatever you feel you need), You will also need a Birthing Ball for part two and three.

  • What shall I wear for the yoga and what do I need?

    Wear loose comfortable clothes or leggings that you can easily move in. Yoga is done in bare feet. Use a yoga mat if you have one or be on a carpet or rug for comfort. Although it is generally recommended that you do not eat for at least a couple of hours before practicing yoga, this recommendation is relaxed if you are pregnant. If you know you are prone to low blood sugar levels it is fine to have a light snack before you do a practice. You may need a blanket and 1 or 2 cushions/pillows. This is so your knees are comfortable when on all fours and for warmth during relaxation, therefore the amount/size of cushions may change as your pregnancy progresses.

  • I don't think I can imagine well enough to be hypnotised so I don't know if it will work on me?

    Everyone can visualise well enough for self-hypnosis and I will explain why and how during the course. Also hypnobirthing is very different to the hypnotists you see on tv. All it is, is to become fully absorbed in or intensely focused on something which we can all do, and become better at with practice.

  • I am 37 weeks pregnant. Is it too late for me to get benefit from this course?

    I would say definitely not! Whilst if possible I would suggest starting between 25 - 30 weeks so you can get in as much practice of the breathing, hypnosis and yoga as possible, even if you come to it in your last few weeks you can still pick up 2 or 3 things which could make all the difference to you in birth. I have had women do this course at 39 weeks before and tell me how helpful they found it.

  • I may have a cesarean birth. Is there any point in me doing this course?

    Although the focus of this course is largely on giving women tools to help them give birth naturally, that does not mean the skills you learn can not be translated to any other type of birth. The breathing and self hypnosis techniques can help you stay calm in challenging and potentially stressful situations and actually can become even more valuable when things don't go to plan as they can make the difference to you experiencing your birth positively or not.


Senior Pregnancy & Postnatal Specialist

Jennie Phenix

Jennie Phenix is an experienced yoga teacher, mum of two, and has been specialising in pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga and hypnobirthing for the past 15 years. She has supported thousands of women through her local classes and workshops in Buckinghamshire, UK and is delighted to now be sharing her knowledge and experience with a wider online audience.

Get empowered & ready for your birthing experience

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So, if are ready to let go of fear, change your mindset, and learn some amazing tried and tested tools and techniques to help you cope during birth, then click the button below. Let me support you, to feel empowered to birth your baby with calm confidence and encourage a positive birth experience. Best Wishes Jennie xx